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How Ellie Sakrzewski Made Her Hair Salon Business Stand Out From The Competition

The hair salon industry in Singapore is so competitive, so how can one become a successful salon owner, especially if you are a foreign-born mompreneur?

Australian-born Ellie Sakrzewski, Founder of The Big Blow had a successful career as a makeup artist and hairstylist from London and Paris to...

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The Zig/Zag Technique To Stand Out In Business

Think about the average guy approaching a woman at a bar. He would say something like this:

“Hi…do you come here a lot?”
“Hi, my name is John…"
"Hi...what are you drinking?”

These seem like normal things to say, right?

The problem is they are no different than...

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How Jayina Chan Started A Business With Customers Ready To Buy

“Chaos is how I learn,” said Jayina Chan, Founder of Anya Meals.

For aspiring mompreneurs, it is essential to know that mistakes are inevitable for any new venture and can be valuable life lessons, if you choose the right mindset and learn from them.

It is also not unusual for...

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