For the entrepreneur who’s ready to clarify their mission, and grow a wildly influential and profitable personal brand…


This is the deal...

You have an idea, a message for the world, and you know where you are aiming to go.

But getting there is not quite as simple as you may think.

Maybe you have spent years playing the games of trial and error. Maybe you've built a job for yourself, not a business.

Most people approach their online business like a commodity… something that someone could get from someone else. You are just another person selling it.

In other words, you're replaceable.

Maybe you've been...

Struggling with feeling INVISIBLE in your industry. You’ve been showing up on social media but you can't seem to get any attention.


Feeling like no one really gets what you’re trying to do. You have a story to tell, but you don't know how to tell your story in a way that is ENGAGING.

You want to be surrounded by other people who GET IT and can truly support you and your VISION.


Reading all sorts of stuff about the “right way” to grow your business. You’re confused, overwhelmed, and honestly aren’t sure which direction to go.

You're stuck doing all the low level stuff that are keeping you short on cash and time.

You want help getting CLEAR on how to rise above your business and HOW. You want something more SOLID, STREAMLINED and SIMPLE.


If that sounds like you, I invite you to...

The elite 6-month accelerator designed for entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, bloggers, influencers, speakers, authors and consultants. Anyone who wants to develop thought leadership, recognition, influence or build a business fueled by their personal brand.


Early bird price and perks goes away in...









Save $1000 + bring a partner

 Here's how we help you build a captivating Personal Brand

Communicate with Clarity

An IN DEMAND industry leader has a compelling answer to the question 'What do you do?’. If you cannnot pitch your value with clarity and credibility, it’s game-over. 

Raise Your Online Profile

Being good at what you do is no longer enough. If you want to be IN DEMAND, you must stand out and be recognised - You are who Google says you are. 

Content Creation

An IN DEMAND industry leader get their message out to the world by creating blogs, videos, live streams and publishing books. We will take you through the steps of getting your story onto a book.

Offer Ecosystem

Rather than trading time for money, you can turn your skills, talent and ideas into a range of products/offers that people love to buy when you are IN DEMAND. Learn how to monetise your clout.

Consistently Attract Opportunities & Brand Deals

Take your brand to the next level and become more valuable, visible and connected in your industry by collaborating with top brands in the world.


Have you noticed?

In every industry, it is always the same few people who receive media coverage, get into cool partnerships and they are also the highest earners?

What do they know that you don't?

People who are IN DEMAND are not smarter, more experienced or more likeable than you.

This has nothing to do with the functional skills in an industry, it has got everything to do with mastering these five key areas:

Take your personal brand to the next level and become more valuable, respected and connected in your industry.

Let's hear it from one of our students..


Featured on

Hey! I'm Michelle.

8 years ago, I started a blog and turned it into half a million dollar income.

I credit my success to clear personal branding. I am able to attract brand deals (no pitching needed!) and built multiple businesses.

My story has been featured on Channel News Asia, Lifetime Asia, Money Asia, Parenting World and more.

In 2019, Zine named me one of the Top 10 Mom Influencers in the world.

I believe in the power of influence and have spent the last few years helping people and businesses create more of it.

Is money important? Yes. 
Are connections important? Of course. 
Are goals imperative? 100%. 

But here is the thing, if you cannot create INFLUENCE, your dollars, contacts, and goals are things you work for instead of things that work FOR YOU.


And, don't forget the bonuses!

Additional Coaching and Fun Perks

Additional perks include access to 1:1 coaching with Michelle awarded to members each month, personalised gifts from Michelle and more throughout our time together!

Book Publishing Workshop with Deborah Haile

Deborah Haile is a best-selling author, CEO and founder of Tiny Global Footprints. She loves sharing stories from travels with her son, Jonah by writing the Jonah’s Global Footprints book series. She coaches women to write and publish books. She holds a master’s degree from George Mason University in Virginia, and now lives in Miami.


More details and your investment to this pilot accelerator will be discussed on the call after you apply!